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What To Do in Pekanbaru

Hey Everyone!
Today we’re going to share with you some of activities to do in Pekanbaru. 💡

If you love culinary adventures, here are few things you may be interested:

1. Jus Jagung / Sweet Corn Juice
At first, if you’re not familiar with it, it might sound a bit strange. But, trust me. We love it! Corn juice is naturally sweet and creamy yet delicate. Why not try it in our Maple Tree Restaurant?

2. Mie Kacang / Peanut Noodles
Directly translated, it means Peanut Noodle. One of the best one you can find is in Jalan Kulim (on your left side from Jalan Riau). Small little house with few tables and chairs inside. If you can’t find it, just ask the neighbourhood.. I’m sure they are willing to direct you 🙂

3. Bolu Kemojo
A traditional cake from Pekanbaru in soft green colour and flower shape. Produced with the colour of Pandan leaves, bolu kemojo is easy to make and widely available in the city especially in the local souvenir shops. Why not have some before you leave?
For more info, check Wikipedia

4. Lempuk Durian
Special sweets from Riau with durian being the main ingredients. With its chewy textures, durian lovers may want more and more…

5. Mie Sagu / Sagu Noodles
An authentic culinary of Riau especially in Selatpanjang. Our way of describing it would be authentic taste noodle with a little bit chewy textures. What we like about it is that the way Sagu Noodle is made without any preservatives.
Fore more info, check Wikipedia

6. Kue Bangkit / Bangkit Cookies
Directly translated to English, it means Rising Cookies. Why the name? If they are completely cooked hot from the oven, the size are double its initial. Originally, this is a traditional Melayu snack. Normally, they sell it in a small box. Very popular in cultural events such as Idul Fitri or Chinese New Year.
For more info, check Wikipedia

Actually, there are many more food and drinks to try in Pekanbaru. Just have some fun going out. If you find something worth sharing, don’t forget to let us know. You can connect with us through Winstar Hotel Pekanbaru Facebook Fan Page

Thanks for reading. See you next time 🙂