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Opal Entertainment Karaoke Room

Hello Everyone!

One of Winstar Hotel facilities we are offering is the Opal Entertainment Karaoke Room.

The venue can be an early warm-up for the night ahead, the main event or a ‘back to mine’ session after dinner. It’s perfect for celebrations, birthdays, team nights out, client entertainment, farewells, or just a fantastic night out with your friends…you name it. Opal, depending on the conditions can take on many colours just like how it was formed. That’s the point!

Opal Karaoke is committed to provide fun, fun and fun and make it a great night for everyone. Gather with family and friends for a melodious evening at Winstar Hotel Pekanbaru and also try delicious snacks and drinks from the menu! Enjoy endless entertainment in the evening or anytime of the day with us..

Book with us now! Contact 0761-23588 or reservation@winstar-hotel.com…

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